Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization

ThHawaiiPay Logoe Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization (HawaiiPay) project will overhaul and modernize how the State of Hawaii processes payroll serving more than 75,000 full- and part-time employees statewide. Currently, the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) provides paychecks and deposits to employees across the legislative, judicial and executive branches (including the Department of Education, Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, and University of Hawaii), as well as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Led by the DAGS Accounting Division in coordination with the Office of Enterprise Technology Services, the HawaiiPay project will address the significant risks associated with maintaining the current 40-year-old system, which is fragile, inflexible, manual and paper-intensive. The state is also finding it increasingly challenging to hire and retain individuals in roles critical to sustaining the antiquated processes and systems now in place. New processes and technologies will provide modern functionality, efficiencies, security and disaster recovery, while improving system performance and reliability, including timeliness and accuracy of payments.

The project will be completed in two phases: 1) the Payroll Phase and 2) the Time & Attendance Phase.

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HawaiiPay News

State Kicks Off HawaiiPay Project

Mahalo to all who attended the stakeholder kickoff meeting for the HawaiiPay project, held on Nov. 18, 2016. The Capitol Auditorium was filled to capacity with lots of interest, energy and optimism in the project. Meeting materials are available for download as PDF files below:

If you are a state employee and would like to get involved, submit your contact information by clicking on the following link:


Additional information and updates are available each month in HawaiiPay News, the project’s monthly newsletter. Read past issues of the newsletter here.

Upcoming Events and Activities

The HawaiiPay calendar includes events and activities ranging from project milestones and training sessions, to information gathering meetings with various departments and jurisdictions. For more information on a specific event, state personnel are encourage to contact the HawaiiPay project team directly at ets.erp@hawaii.gov. To view the entire calendar, click View Calendar.